Certificate in Youth Ministry


Certificate in Youth Ministry

The Certificate in Youth Ministry is an 18-credit certificate designed to train Youth Leaders.  It includes 9 courses and 2 practicum covering the following subject areas:

New Testament NT
Systematic Theology ST
Practical Theology PT
Biblical Theology BT

The Certificate in Youth Ministry includes the following courses:

Course Code Course Description
NT 201 Gospels and Acts
ST 301 Survey of Systematic Theology
ST 341 Ethics for Youth Ministry
PT 511 Apologetics and Evangelism with Cultural Intelligence
PT 521 Effective Bible Teaching
PT 581/582 Foundations for Youth Ministry 1 & 2
BT 601 Old Testament Biblical Theology
BT 602 Old and New Testament Biblical Theology
PT 595/596 Youth Ministry Practicum 1 & 2

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