Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation and Wisdom

“The wisdom of God displayed in the meekness and suffering of his Son is not the wisdom of empty speculation. It is the wisdom of effective, sovereign grace….. Christian meditation takes the yoke of Christ and learns of him as the suffering servant and triumphant Lord. In every way Christian meditation is in submission to Jesus Christ. It is not and cannot be unmediated access to God, far less an experience of the identity with God. Not ecstasy but wisdom marks the path of Christian meditation.”

Edmund P. Clowney. Christian Meditation. (Craig Press, USA. 1982), 29.

About Christian Meditation

What place does meditation have in Christian devotion? Is the same thing as the “cosmic” or “transcendental” meditation associated with Hindu gurus? And what about spiritual exercises such as yoga? Are they compatible with the Christian faith? In Christian Meditation Edmund Clowney reflects such questions, and in doing so provides an introduction to theology and the practice of what he calls “Christian Meditation.” This book is not so much a handbook of techniques as it is a reflection on what the Bible has to say about he subject. Even so, it offers many practical suggestions and develops a thoroughly biblical approach to meditative Christian living ” both as individuals and together as the people of God.

About Edmund Clowney

Christian MeditationEdmund P. Clowney was Emeritus Professor of practical theology and former President of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His other books include Called to the Ministry, Preaching and Biblical Theology, and The Unfolding Mystery.

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