Early Christians Alert to Dominant Cultural Patterns

“The early Christians were alert to the dominant cultural patterns of their civilization. They faced the task of inculturating their message in societies whose narratives and folkways they needed to evaluate: some they used, some they adapted, some they rejected. So they were able to draw upon the narratives and images of their time while working in communities for a deep appropriation of a counternarrative of a God whose perfect self-disclosure is Jesus… Thinking missiologically, they asked in case after case whether a given [societal] practice was life-giving or whether it led to bondage…” 

Alan Krieder

The Change of Conversion and The Origin of Christendom, p.101

From Amazon:Early Christians Alert to Dominant Cultural Patterns

“Focusing on conversion and Christendom, and the relationship of one to the other, Alan Kreider helps readers think about the meaning of the word Christendom, its character and inner dynamics, arguing that methods of conversion produced Christendom.”

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