Ian Grant

Ian Grant

Ian GrantBorn in Whakatane and raised in Rotorua, Ian Grant did not come faith in the Lord Jesus Christ until his second year at Auckland University.

Ian graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1978 and has worked, since then, in the architecture profession for both Central and Local government agencies and in private practice.

Today he owns and operates his own consultancy, specialising is the adaptive reuse of Heritage buildings in Auckland.

Ian obtained a Bachelor of Theology in 1995 from the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. In 2013 obtained a Master of Theology (with a Biblical Theology Major) from Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, USA.

Ian has taught Biblical Theology for Grace Theological College every year since 2004, except for the 18 months in the USA to complete the Masters program.

Ian, is an ordained teaching elder in the Northern Presbytery of the Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, and attends Shore Presbyterian Church, Torbay, Auckland.

Ian and his wife Christine, have a daughter and two sons, and two grandchildren.

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