New Testament Introduction: The Gospels

Grace Theological College (Christchurch Campus)

In Semester 1 2016, Grace Theological College will be offering the following series of lectures in Christchurch:

New Testament Introduction: The Gospels

These lectures will provide a study of essential introductory concerns relevant to the study of the text of the Gospels.

Semester 1 2016 (23/2 – 31/5/2016)

Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.30 pm

Grace House 29 Maidstone Ave Christchurch

Lecturer: Peter Collier

Students wishing to enrol in a Diploma of Theology or Ministry are encouraged to do so through the Timothy Partnership. The Timothy Partnership offers online Diploma and Advanced Diploma awards in both Theology and Ministry. These awards are Higher Education Diploma programs of the Australian College of Theology. The Diplomas provide an introduction to Christian theology and aim to equip you with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills appropriate to Christian ministry. Successful completion of Diploma units at Credit level can be easily transferred to a Pass in Degree units at other ACT Colleges.

The lectures in New Testament Introduction: The Gospels may assist students who have enrolled in the Timothy Partnership with the subject NT 201 Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition. They will not, however, count towards credit in this subject.