Marriage and Family Counselling

In this series of lectures by Dr. Greg Perry of Covenant TheologicalDr Greg Perry Seminary (St. Louis, USA), the student will be introduced to biblical teaching about marriage. Dr. Perry examines:

  1. The Meaning and Purpose of Marriage (Reading Genesis with Peter, Paul and Jesus)
  2. How to Sustain Marriage (Returning to Intimacy)
  3. Shepherding through Separation, Divorce, and the Possibility of Remarriage

We trust that you enjoy these lectures. We do apologies for any issues with the audio quality.

Marriage & Family Counselling – Dr. Greg Perry
no video audio description
1 video audio Introduction & Overview (apologies for the audio quality)
2 video audio Introduction & Overview II
3 video audio Sustaining Marriage 1
4 video audio Sustaining Marriage 2
5 video audio Shepherding through marriage crises 1
6 video audio Shepherding through marriage crises 2

If you would like to study for credit, please contact us to discuss enrolments, study options, and fees.

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