The Westminster Confession of Faith



The last great statement of the post-reformation period was the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF). It is used as the subordinate standard of all Presbyterian Churches, and most reformed churches today. It is also the statement of faith of Grace Theological College. All faculty and board members are required to subscribe to the WCF or the Baptist adaptation, the 1689 London Confession (also known as the Philadelphia Confession).

Presented in four modules, these classes on the WCF are suitable for individual study or for church leadership training.

Introduction to the Westminster Confession of FaithWestminster_Confession_of_Faith_title_page

Why not begin, however, with three introductory lectures on this monumental work. First there is an encouragement to study the WCF from the 90’s by pastor emeritus, Arthur W. Palmer (B.A., B.D., Th.G.) followed by two lectures on the background of the Confession by Dr. Andrew W. Young (Ph.D) from the late 90’s.

Introductory Lectures
no video audio
1 video WCFIntroA Why Study the Confession?
2 video WCFIntroB Introduction & Historical Background 1
3 video WCFIntroC Introduction & Historical Background 2

The rest of the lectures in video and audio are coming soon. Watch this space.

Module One Lectures
no video audio description
1 video WCFIntro Introduction
2 video WCF1a Holy Scripture 1
3 video WCF1b Holy Scripture 2
4 video WCF2 God & Trinity
5 video WCF3 God's Eternal Decree
6 video WCF4 Creation
7 video WCF5 Providence (part 1)
8 video WCF6 The Fall into Sin & Punishment


Module Two Lectures
no video audio description
1 video WCF7 God's Covenant with Man
2 video WCF8 Christ the Mediator 1
3 video WCF8b Christ the Mediator 2
4 video WCF9 Free Will
5 video WCF11 Justification
6 video WCF12&13 Adoption & Sanctification
7 video WCF14&15 Saving Faith & Repentance
8 video WCF16 Good Works
9 video WCF17&18 Perseverance & Assurance


Module Three Lectures
no video audio description
1 video WCF19 The Law of God
2 video WCF20 Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience
3 video WCF21 Worship and the Sabbath
4 video WCF21b Worship and the Sabbath (2)
5 video WCF22 Lawful Oaths and Vows
6 video WCF23 The Civil Magistrate
7 video WCF24 Marriage and Divorce
Module Four Lectures
no video audio description
1 video WCF25 The Church
2 video WCF26 Communion of Saints
3 video WCF27 The Sacraments
4 video WCF28 Christian Baptism
5 video WCF29 The Lord's Supper
6 video WCF30&31 Church Censures
7 video WCF32 Death & Resurrection
8 video WCF33 Last Things


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