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These articles have been written by staff and students at GTC.

Articles on Leadership

Church Leadership Retreats – Andrew Young. The importance of church leadership retreats and how to make them times of great benefit and blessing

Lessons in Leadership from Colossians – Andrew Young

Historical Articles

W.G.T. Shedd on Preaching – Andrew Young. A three-part study of Shedd’s classic book “Homiletics and Pastoral Theology” originally presented as a series of lectures to the 1996 Banner of Truth Conference in Sydney.

Arianism and the Nicene Creed – Church History tutor, Alex Robinson, wrote this essay about the historical battle between orthodoxy and the error of denying the deity of Jesus Christ- an error held by Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons today.

John Wesley – Alex Robinson.  Also written for the Church History Course, in this essay of Alex’s looks at the life and ministry of John Wesley: “A man called by God at a particular time in history to revive and renew the church in England”

Early Christian Worship – Sue Bracefield. Sue Bracefield wrote this interesting summary of worship in the early Christian Church as a Church History Essay. Her brief study will prove a helpful starter for those who have never read anything on the subject.

St. Francis of Assisi – Sue Bracefield.  Francis of Assisi was an advocate of apostolic simplicity in the mediaeval church. This essay will give readers an overview of his life and influence.

Richard Baxter – Dr. Murray Capill. Some of the reasons behind the effectiveness of Richard Baxter – a great 17th century pastoral preacher

The Life of John Calvin – Andrew Young. Brief historical overview of the life and labours of John Calvin.

Biblical Studies

Sin, Law and Grace in Romans 6-8 – Andrew Young.  A brief thematic study in this important section of the book of Romans that served as a basis for lectures in Pastoral Counselling

The Millennium in Revelation 20.1-5  – Geoff Macpherson. An exegesis paper that tackles one of the most controversial passages of the Bible and argues for an inaugurated view of the millennium (amillennialism).

Paul’s Method and Manner– Andrew Young.  A two article series on Paul’s pastoral practices, taken from studies in Thessalonians

Paul and the Gospel of the Kingdom – Peter Reynolds. Understanding Paul’s teachings must begin with looking at Paul’s place in redemptive history

Jesus and the Gospel of the Kingdom – Peter Reynolds. How central is the “Kingdom of God” theme to the Gospels and Jesus’ ministry?

Why Jesus Taught in Parables – Ian Grant. In this essay Ian Grant asks whether Jesus used parables to simplify things, or instead to confirm the hardness of heart of those who refuse to hear.

John 11.33,38 and Jesus’ Emotions – Geoff Macpherson. In this exegesis paper, Geoff looks at the emotional state of Jesus as he stood by the tomb of his friend Lazarus. Was Jesus sad or angry?

Church/Spiritual Encouragement

The Making of a Minister of the Word – Andrew Young. The first part of a three-part summary of Watchman Nee’s book “The Ministry of the Word”. This paper is aimed at stimulating pastors and teachers but is nevertheless very readable and will prove a challenge to all Christians

Beating Isolation – Andrew Young. Overcoming isolation from the world as a church community to reach needy souls

Spiritual Encouragement Groups – Andrew Young. ‘What they are, How they work, and How to start them’

A Fresh Look at Christian Spirituality – Andrew Young.  A study of popular ideas about spirituality and relevant biblical principles by which to assess them, giving guidelines of how to live by the Spirit today

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