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Andrew Young, GTC’s Principal Emeritus, has written two guides (on Ephesians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians) designed to help preachers and teachers. These are different to standard commentaries in that they contain the following five sections:

The first section introduces the background, message and relevance of the book. It helps appreciate the circumstances in which the book was written and how it can be used today. Extensive endnotes provide comments and quotations for those looking for more scholarly insights.

The second section is an interpretive outline of the contents of the book. This provides an overview of the contents of the book in outline form and establishes a framework for appreciating the contribution of its individual sections.

The third section of the Guide looks closely at the text itself. It contains mechanical layouts, analytical outlines, unifying ideas and statements of relevance and purpose for individual sections of the letter. These are based on the approach to preaching outlined by Haddon W. Robinson in his book Biblical Preaching.

The fourth section focuses the main themes of the book and the fifth provides a devotional supplement to help teachers and preachers think their way deeply into the book. To accomplish the latter the text has been broken down into a number of small sections and questions and suggestions for reflection provided for each.
Ephesians Teaching and Preaching Guide View a sample of the Ephesians Guide

If you wish to receive a copy of the Teaching & Preaching Guide  please contact us at enquiries@gtc.ac.nz

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