Second Semester Start Dates

Second Semester Start Dates

Grace Theological College is offering several second semester classes.

Second Semester Start Dates





Classes start on 10 July 2017.

For the second semester, the following classes will be offered: –

Monday 10th July:
7-9pm PT582 Youth Ministry – Gareth Jones
7:30-9:30 OT152 Hebrew 2 – Dr. Pieter van Huyssteen

Tuesday 11th July:
7-9pm NT201 Gospels & Acts – Dr. Andrew Young & Gareth Jones
7:30-9:30pm BT651 Mark – Ian Grant

Wednesday 12th July:
7-9pm ST341 Youth Ethics – Gareth Jones
7-9pm HT401 – Church History 1 – Alex Robinson

Thursday 13th July:
10:30am-12:30pm PT501 – Spiritual Development – Dr. Andrew Young
7:30-9:30pm BT602 – OT & NT – Ian Grant

Enrol online or call us today on 09-268-1469/ 0277-276-711 to confirm your place in the class.

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