Why We Believe the Bible

Grace Theological College Dunedin announces 10 week course: Why we believe the Bible

why we believe the bibleThis ten-week course examines the basis of Christian confidence in the Bible as the word of God. Themes include: how the Bible was written; what the Bible claims about itself; and why Christians believe the Bible is wholly trustworthy and without error (inerrant). It is built around short videos by well-known author and pastor Dr. John Piper, supplemented by further material and discussion led by Stuart Johnson. For-interest only. All welcome.

Why we believe the Bible

Class dates: Wednesdays 15 March – 31 May
(includes a 2 week break for Uni mid-term & school holidays)

Time: Wednesday 9.30 – 11.30

Venue: Grace House, 26 St. David St, North Dunedin

Cost: A donation to GTC would be appreciated

Enquiries: Dr Stuart Johnson (03) 467-9919   /  stuartbjohnson@gmail.com

Grace Theological College is a non-denominational evangelical and reformed theological college.

For further details see the 2017 GTC prospectus at www.gtc.ac.nz

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