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Radio Rhema

Theological Thursday

Every Thursday morning on Radio Rhema, Geoff Macpherson chats with Nerida Ashcroft and Andrew Urquhart to answer the tough questions from listeners.

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Election and Temptation

The questions were:

-What happens to people who have never heard of Jesus? 

-Why do I still face temptation and struggle with old sins even though I am now a christian?

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The Sabbath and the Trinity

The questions were:

-What is the importance of the Sabbath and the idea of having a day of rest every week?

-There is a Christian who doesn’t believe in the Trinity because the word isn’t in the Bible and can you be a Christian and not believe in the Trinity?


Churches and Denominations

The question is:

-I find it really confusing that there are so many different churches and denominations. How do I choose which church I should go to?

Do Cats go to heaven?

The questions were: 

-Why do Christians make such a big deal about the Bible? 

-What makes humans different from animals? What does the Bible teach about humanity? Will my cat be in heaven?

Women and the Church

The question was: 

-1 Timothy 2:12 "I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet." ESV

-Does it mean woman shouldn't preach?


Transgender and Christianity

The question was:

-Can I be a Christian and Transgender?

Is Heaven Boring?

The questions was:

-I know heaven is supposed to be this amazing place, but the Bible makes it sound kind of boring. What is heaven really going to be like?

A New Heaven and a New Earth

Special Guest: Dr. Ian Smith


Dr Ian Smith is the author of 'Not Home Yet: How the Renewal of the Earth Fits into God's Plan for the World' He chatted with Andrew and Nerida about heaven, a new earth, our misconceptions and how much God wants us to enjoy His creation.

Above the Clouds
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