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GTC is established under New Zealand law as a charitable trust registered with the Charities Commission (CC47467). The GTC Trust is responsible for ensuring that we retain our original mission and doctrinal standards. They also employ staff, approve the budget, and appoint the board members.


Our External Board is responsible for maintaining our relationship with Christ College Sydney and moving forward our pursuit of recognised qualifications in theological education.


The Internal Board is responsible for our internally accredited classes and the working relationship with Birmingham Theological Seminary.


External Board

Internal Board

Alex Robinson (Chair, ex officio)

Peter Reynolds (NZBCA)

Tony Bracefield

Michael Beck

Geoff Macpherson (Secretary)

Alex Robinson (Chair)

Mark Smith (Secretary)

Tony Bracefield (Treasurer)

Andrew Young

Richard Cutforth

Richard Eyre

David Robb

Ian Smith

Geoff Macpherson

Geoff Macpherson (Chair)

David Robb (Secretary)

Alex Robinson (ex officio)

Tony Bracefield (ex officio)

Rowan Hilsden

Ian Smith (Christ College)

Ben Hudson

Bill Salier

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