GTC Staff

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Geoff Macpherson


Talk to Geoff about classes and certificates at GTC. Geoff is also keen to represent GTC at any churches or events.

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Hayden Macpherson


Can't find that book? Hayden will be more than happy to assist you with your library needs.

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Rob Allan

Financial Administrator

Rob is our friendly administrator who will answer all your questions on fees. He takes care of business!

GTC Faculty

GTC aims to provide students with teachers who possess both academic and ministry credibility. We want out teachers to also be practitioners, not just theorists. As a small college we are thankful for the caliber and commitment of our faculty.

Geoff Macpherson - Portrait.jpg

Geoff Macpherson

BA (University of Auckland), MDiv (Birmingham Theological Seminary)

Principal, Systematic Theology

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Andrew Young

PhD (Lincoln University)

Pastoral Theology


Ben Hudson

BD (Moore Theological College)

PhD (Univeristy of Otago)

New Testament

Kay Christensen


Adv.Cert.Bib.Heb (Ecumenical Institute of Distance Theological Studies)


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Peter Reynolds

MDiv (Westminster Theological Seminary)

ThM (Covenant Theological Seminary)

DMin (Westminster Theological Seminary)

Pastoral Theology and Biblical Theology

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Ian Grant

BTh (Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne)

MTh (Covenant Theological Seminary)

Biblical Theology


Logan Hagoort

BTh (Laidlaw College)

PGDTh (Laidlaw College)


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Joe Fleener

MDiv (Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary)