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Christian Counselling

We work in partnership with New Zealand Biblical Counsellors Association (NZBCA). NZBCA is an association that supports biblical counsellors in New Zealand by providing initial training to anyone interested in counselling biblically.

They encourage their members to pursue formal training in Biblical Counselling. The NZBCA offer support through supervision and resources. They also provide continuing education to sharpen skills, knowledge, and personal growth.


A 1-year Certificate in Biblical Counselling is now available through us at Grace Theological College.

For more information about the NZBCA you can visit their website:

Counselling Papers at GTC - 2023

BC7630: Marriage and Family Counselling


When: Thursday 7pm-9pm

Where: GTC Campus (and online)

BC7501: Introduction to Pastoral Counselling


When: Tuesday 7pm-9pm

Where: GTC Campus (and online)



Peter Reynolds_edited_edited.jpg

Peter has been with Grace Theological College since 1995.

He is the head of our Counselling Department, has taught counselling for many years, and along with his wife Margaret offer counselling help to local churches members.

Dr Peter Reynolds

James is the CEO of New Zealand Biblical Counsellors Association.

Prior to leaving South Africa, James lectured in Biblical Counselling at the International College of Bible and Missions for about 3 years. 

Dr James Glanville

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