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Study Programs

GTC has five internally accredited certificate programs:

  • Certificate in Biblical Studies (1-Year)

  • Certificate in Christian Ministry (2-Years)

  • Certificate in Pastoral Ministry (3-Years)

  • Certificate in Biblical Counselling (1-Year)

  • Certificate in Pastoral Counselling (2-Years)


All of these certificates can be completed on a full-time or part-time schedule, depending on how many classes you take. A full load is five classes per semester. You can also choose where you wish to study. We teach mostly from Auckland, but with a suitable internet connection and a computer (that has a microphone and webcam), you can join us from anywhere.

Students with an existing degree are able to credit study at GTC towards a qualification with Birmingham Theological Seminary, USA.

For more information and to see the certificate descriptions click below.

Image by Jeremy Kuehn
Attentive Therapist
Closeup of comforting hands
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