Christ College New Zealand Campus

In 2019 Christ College launched a new campus for New Zealand, based in Auckland. Their new Campus will allow New Zealand citizens to study in-person via intensive mode towards an Australian College of Theology (ACT) award.  GTC is pleased to facilitate these classes by making our property and resources available for their use. Check out below what is on offer. 

What Units are Available in 2022?

Old Testament Foundations Intensive

Unit Code: OT001-512/OT001-712

21-26 March in Auckland

Old Testament Prophets and Writings Intensive

Unit Code: OT002-512/ OT002-712

26-30 September in Auckland

New Testament Greek A & B

Unit Code: LA005-612/LA005-812

Online Mode

Biblical Hebrew A & B

Unit Code: LA003-612/LA003-812

Online Mode