Semester Two - 2022
Courses start 25th July

PT531: Pastoral Life and Skills


What skills do pastors and other ministry workers need in order to care for their fellow believers? This course taps into the skills of seasoned Christian leaders in order to give the student the benefit of their experience in areas such as: the pastor's prayer life, visitation, leadership skills, and marriage and family life. 


Geoff Macpherson

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BC7501: Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

Tuesday 7-9PM

Caring for one another is a basic biblical requirement for Christian
community. In this paper we will study the principles, approaches and issues required for developing the skill and discernment needed for effective care within the Body of Christ.

Dr Peter Reynolds

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BC7603: Marriage and Family Counselling

Thursdays 7-9 PM

God’s purpose to glorify Himself in the saving of His people is dramatised in Christian marriage. Beginning with Genesis 3:15, and culminating in the Revelation when our bridegroom appears, the Bible is full of instruction and help for our marriages. So in this course we will take a detailed look at the Biblical theory and practice of relationship counselling, with a particular focus on marriages and families.

Dr. Peter Reynolds


BT651: The Gospels (Mark)

Wednesday 3-5PM (Note the time change)

This paper provides an introduction to the Gospels as works of history, literature, and theology. We explore the nature of the gospel-genre, key themes in the gospels, and distinctive aspects of the four gospels. The course will have a special focus on Mark—building tools for reading, teaching, and applying gospel texts in the life of the Church.

Dr. Ben Hudson


BT611: The Pentateuch (Genesis)

Thursday 7-9PM

In Judaism, all theological argument flows from the Pentateuch. In Christianity, these books are no less foundational. The course will show how Genesis, and the remaining four books of Moses, provide the essential theological context for our understanding of the person and work of Christ.

Dr. Mike Beck

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PT501: Spiritual Development and Discipleship

Friday 10AM-12PM

It is God's desire that we should live intimately with Him and become like Jesus in conduct and character. We shall explore in this course how this can come about through understanding how we relate to God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, develop spiritual practices (spiritual disciplines), and commit intentionally to becoming apprentices of Jesus in kingdom living."

Dr. Andrew Young





ST304: Holy Spirit & Salvation

Monday 7-9PM

Who is the Holy Spirit and what is his work, specifically, how does he apply the redemption accomplished by God in Christ? This class looks at what the Bible has to say about the person and work of the Holy Spirit, as well as how it is that God saves sinners. The biblical information is also read in the light of reason, tradition and experience to exalt Christ as Lord.

Dr Jason Pickard and Geoff Macpherson