Semester One - 2023

Enrolments open: Monday, 23rd January

(Enrolments received before the 23rd will not be responded to till the opening date)
Enrolments Close: Friday, 17th February
Courses start 28th February 2023

ST303: Theology of Humanity & Christ 

Monday 7pm- 9pm

The Bible makes statements about humanity and the Lord Jesus which appear contradictory. For example, we humans are ‘made in the image and likeness of God’, yet are ‘dead in trespasses and sins.’ Jesus is the man who was born in Bethlehem and died on the Cross, yet he is also the second Person of the Trinity, co-equal with the Father. This course examines all these subjects and helps us to develop a coherent understanding of mankind and Jesus.

Geoff Macpherson

Alex Robinson.jpg

HT402: Reformation & Modern History 

Wednesday 7pm- 9pm


The people, theology, and conflicts of the Protestant Reformation have dramatically changed the course of the history of the church over the past 500-years. Learn about the key figures and controversies of the Reformation and modern period of church history.

Alex Robinson

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BC7501: Introduction to Pastoral Counselling

Tuesday 7pm- 9pm

Caring for one another is a basic biblical requirement for Christian
community. In this paper we will study the principles, approaches and issues required for developing the skill and discernment needed for effective care within the Body of Christ.

Dr Peter Reynolds


BT651: The Gospels (Mark)

Thursday 7pm- 9pm

This paper provides an introduction to the Gospels as works of history, literature, and theology. We explore the nature of the gospel-genre, key themes in the gospels, and distinctive aspects of the four gospels. The course will have a special focus on Mark—building tools for reading, teaching, and applying gospel texts in the life of the Church.

Dr. Ben Hudson


BT644: The Old Testament Writings (Psalms)

Thursday 7pm- 9pm

This paper will introduce a section of the Old Testament that is known for its diverse grouping of books as well as its rich application of biblical theology. Indeed, from before the time of the Babylonian exile, the Writings have helped God’s people to worship rightly, live wisely, and hope steadfastly. As such, these books will not only lead us on an exciting exploration of different literary genres but will also offer us a semester-long opportunity to be saturated in worshipful wisdom and Christ-centred theology.

Dr. Mike Beck


OT151: Hebrew Language 1

*7pm-9pm-Day to be confirmed when minimum numbers reached

An introduction to the language of the Old Testament. This is a complete beginner's guide to the alphabet, vocabulary, and grammar of Biblical Hebrew.


Kay Christensen


ST301: Survey of Confessional Belief

*Time to be confirmed

The Protestant creeds of the Reformation and post-Reformation period are still used by most denominations today. Are they biblical and if so, why are they still used today? Among these is the 1646 Westminster Confession of Faith. This course is a survey of the main themes in theology using the Westminster Confession of Faith, with reference to other creeds.

Dr Jason Pickard


Christ College, Sydney

Enrolments close: 27th of January

Hebrew 1 (LA0003-A)

An introduction to the Hebrew language.

Course Starts: Jan 30th, 2023

NB: Enrolments close and class starts earlier than GTC semester 1.


The following classes will be offered for those needing to complete a qualification:

  • PT55: Leading Reformed Worship- Dr Andrew Young

  • PT541: Church Polity & Practice- Dr Andrew Young

  • PT523: Ministry of the Word 2- Dr Peter Reynolds

  • ST331: Biblical Ethics- Joe Fleener