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Semester Two - 2023

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Enrolments Close: Friday, 7th July
Courses start: Monday, 17th July 2023

ST305: Theology of the Church & Eschatology

Monday 7pm- 9pm- On Campus and Online

This paper undertakes a detailed study of what the Bible, along with tradition, has to say about the church and the events of the future. In the first half of the course, we will seek to answer questions about the purpose, organisation, and 'marks' of the church. In the second half we seek answers to common questions about death, immortality, the return of Christ, the nature of heaven and hell, and the meaning of ‘the millennium.’  

Geoff Macpherson

Peter Reynolds_edited_edited.jpg

BC7603: Marriage and Family Counselling

Thursday 7pm - 9pm (Online Only)

Beginning with an overview of the biblical teaching on marriage we will consider the different ways we can intervene in marriage and family relations to heal divisions and unite families around a living relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Dr Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds_edited_edited.jpg

BC7501: Introduction to Pastoral Counselling

Tuesday 7pm- 9pm (Online Only)

Caring for one another is a basic biblical requirement for Christian
community. In this paper we will study the principles, approaches and issues required for developing the skill and discernment needed for effective care within the Body of Christ.

Dr Peter Reynolds


BT605: Introduction to Biblical Theology

Wednesday 7pm- 9pm- (DUNEDIN & Online)

Introduction to Biblical Theology gives the big picture of how the whole Bible, in all its diverse parts and genres, fits together as a unified whole. We look at how Christ—his life, death, and resurrection— is the centre of God's eternal plan. Understanding the big picture helps us know how to receive God’s word in the Old Testament as Christian believers, and it allows us to locate ourselves in the story of what God is doing from beginning to end.

Dr Ben Hudson


BT644: The Old Testament Writings (Psalms)

Thursday 7pm - 9pm (Online Only)

This paper will introduce a section of the Old Testament that is known for its diverse grouping of books as well as its rich application of biblical theology. Indeed, from before the time of the Babylonian exile, the Writings have helped God’s people to worship rightly, live wisely, and hope steadfastly. As such, these books will not only lead us on an exciting exploration of different literary genres but will also offer us a semester-long opportunity to be saturated in worshipful wisdom and Christ-centred theology.

Dr Michael Beck


OT152: Hebrew Language 2

Wednesday 7pm-9pm (Online Only)

In this class, we will continue our study of the morphology, vocabulary and syntax of the Biblical Hebrew language. The lessons will emphasize reading, repetition, memorization and oral review. At the end of the semester, you will have covered all that is needed to begin reading and studying the Hebrew Bible.

Dr Michael Beck

Peter Reynolds_edited_edited.jpg

PT524: Ministry of the Word 3

Wednesday 12.30pm- 2.30pm

This semester we will be focusing on preparing and delivering Christ-centred sermons from the New Testament genres, so that the Lord's people might find their hearts burning as their minds are opened to the glory of Jesus as he is revealed on every page.

Dr Peter Reynolds


​ST302: Theology of Revelation & God

Wednesday 10am- 12pm

Who is God and how does he reveal himself to us? Using the discipline of Systematic Theology students will gain a deeper understanding of what the whole Bible has to say on the topics of revelation - how God makes his person and ways known, and pure theology, that is, the study of the Person of the infinite God. This class also takes in the historical development of said doctrines.

Geoff Macpherson


The following classes will be offered for those needing to complete a qualification or as a tutored paper:

  • PT531: Pastoral Life and Skills- Geoff Macpherson

  • BC7201: Counselling for Conciliation- Dr Peter Reynolds

  • BC7105: Counselling and the Christian Mind- Dr Peter Reynolds


Christ College- Sydney, Australia

Start Date: Monday 17th July

NZ Intensive: Mon 18th Sept- Fri 22nd Sept

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