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Semester One - 2024

Enrollments for Semester 2 will open on Monday 3rd of June

NT252: Greek Language 2

Thursday Afternoon (Online Only)

This course is the second part of a beginner’s introduction to Koine Greek. In this regard, students will continue their study of morphology, vocabulary, and syntax, with a focus on recognition and translation rather than linguistics and composition. This will help students to develop their reading comprehension as well as to gain further proficiency in the use of important exegetical resources. Most importantly, the course will attempt to instil a true love for Koine Greek and provide a well-equipped starting point from which to commence a lifelong journey of growth and discovery.

Dr Mike Beck


BT605: Introduction to Biblical Theology

Monday 7.30-9.30pm (Online Only)

Introduction to Biblical Theology gives the big picture of how the whole Bible, in all its diverse parts and genres, fits together as a unified whole. We look at how Christ—his life, death, and resurrection— is the centre of God's eternal plan. Understanding the big picture helps us know how to receive God’s word in the Old Testament as Christian believers, and it allows us to locate ourselves in the story of what God is doing from beginning to end.

Ian Grant

Peter Reynolds_edited_edited.jpg

BC7501: Introduction to Biblical Counselling (Previously Intro. to Pastoral Counselling)

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm (Online Only)

Caring for one another is a basic biblical requirement for Christian
community. In this paper we will study the biblical principles, approaches and issues required for developing the skill and discernment needed for effective care within the Body of Christ.

Dr Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds_edited_edited.jpg

BC7630: Marriage & Family Counselling

Thursday 7pm - 9pm (Online Only)

Beginning with an overview of the biblical teaching on marriage we will consider the different ways we can intervene in marriage and family relations to heal divisions and unite families around a living relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Dr Peter Reynolds


ST331: Biblical Ethics


Day and Time: TBC (Online Only)

This class is an introduction to a biblical approach to ethical issues. The course also takes in critical issues facing contemporary Christians, like abortion, euthanasia, same-sex attraction, and artificial intelligence. In this class we undertake a study of the basis for and the responsibilities of the personal ethical conduct of the Christian. Various biblical approaches to ethics will be considered.

Jo Fleener

Ben Hudson portrait pic.jpg

BT644: The Old Testament Writings with a focus on Psalms

Day and Time: TBC (Online Only)

This paper will introduce a section of the Old Testament that is known for its diverse grouping of books as well as its rich application of biblical theology. Indeed, from before the time of the Babylonian exile, the Writings have helped God’s people to worship rightly, live wisely, and hope steadfastly. As such, these books will not only lead us on an exciting exploration of different literary genres but will also offer us a semester-long opportunity to be saturated in worshipful wisdom and Christ-centred theology.

Dr Ben Hudson

Alex Robinson.jpg

​HT451: Christianity in Aotearoa

Wednesday 7-9pm (Online Only)

An historical survey of Christianity in NZ, the elements of pre-European Māori spirituality, the evangelical missionary movements active in early NZ, the impact of the land wars and rise of Māori prophetic movements, the growth of the main denominations and the key personalities involved.

Alex Robinson


NT252: Hebrew Language 2

Wednesday 7-9pm (Online Only)

In OT152 Biblical Hebrew Language II, you will study more of the morphology, vocabulary and syntax of Biblical Hebrew. As in the first semester, the goal is to enable you to understand the text as fast as possible. The focus is, therefore, on recognition and translation rather than linguistics and composition. As a distinctive of the course, the lessons will emphasize progressive comprehensible input, text repetition and oral review, bringing you to the point that you can comfortably begin reading and understanding the book of Ruth.

Dr Mike Beck

Peter Reynolds_edited_edited.jpg


Date and Time: TBC (Auckland, if during the day, and Online)

BC7101: Counselling for Biblical Change
This paper will take an in-depth investigation into the Biblical teaching on life change, spiritual growth, and spiritual maturity. 

BC7104: Counselling and Life Transitions
An examination of the counselling implications of the major transition and crises of the individual life cycle, in the context of family, community and culture.

BC7617: Counselling Ethics
In this course we will consider the ethical implications for Biblical Counselling in the New Zealand setting.

BC7204: Cross Cultural Counselling
In this course we consider the challenges of counselling across different cultures with special reference to biculturalism in NZ.

BC7203: Counselling for Sexual Abuse
In this course we consider the challenges of counselling post-traumatic stress arising from historical or recent sexual abuse.

BC7201: Counselling for Conciliation
This course will equip you to intervene in other people's conflicts in order to help them resolve their differences and reconcile their relationships.


Christ College- Sydney, Australia

Start Date: Monday 29th, January

NZ Intensive: Mon 9th Sept- Fri 13th Sept 2024

Peter Reynolds_edited_edited_edited.png

This class is only available for those completing a certificate

PT531: Pastoral Life & Skills


Date and Time: TBC (Where: TBC)

This class seeks to guide the prospective pastor as he thinks about a lifetime of ministry. We focus on prayer life, marriage and family, pastoral relationships, and organisational leadership. The goal is to expose the student to both the theory and the reality of pastoral ministry. The student will read, meet with the tutors, and write their responses to the learning activities. The tutors will also give feedback on the student’s responses.

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