Classes: March-July 2021

Introduction to Pastoral Counselling



PT560:  God calls us to love one another. Church leaders are called to care for God's people, but often the needs of the flock are overwhelming. This course introduces the theory and skills behind taking good care of people through a study of the principles, approaches and issues essential for developing competence and discernment in pastoral care.

Dr Peter Reynolds

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and Salvation


7 pm

ST304: Who is the Holy Spirit and how does he work salvation in our lives? A study of what the whole Bible has to say about the doctrines of the Holy Spirit (pneumatology) and God’s plan of salvation (soteriology). This study of Christian belief is from a Reformed perspective, with reference to current and historical disputes, and presented in a way to seeks to connect what we believe with our lives and ministry.

Geoff Macpherson

Learn Biblical Hebrew



OT151: A beginner’s introduction to reading and studying the Old Testament in its original language. Students will be introduced to the grammar and vocabulary of the Hebrew Bible that starts them on a journey of being able to read God's word in its original. In particular, focus is given to how we can more accurately and faithfully preach and teach the Hebrew scriptures. No prior knowledge required.

Kay Christensen

Old Testament Biblical Theology


7 pm

BT601: All of scripture speaks of Christ. A redemptive-historical study of God’s unfolding plan of salvation in the Old Testament. Biblical Theology shows how all the Bible points to the glory of God in Jesus Christ. This study begins in Genesis and traces the plan of salvation through the great epochs of redemptive history, incorporating pertinent introduction and survey material until the time of the prophets. Attention is given to the application of the OT to ourselves and others.

Dr Peter Reynolds

Christian Ethics



ST331: How do Christians stand for what is true and right in an age of relativism and non-judgmentalism? Join us to study of the basis for and the responsibilities of the personal ethical conduct of the Christian. Various approaches to ethics will be considered. Attention will be given to current ethical questions. Introduction to a biblical approach to ethical issues, and consideration of critical issues facing contemporary Christians.

Joe Fleener

Intermediate Greek Grammar and Exegesis


10 am

NT255: More advanced study of the NT in Greek, with a focus on exegesis for preaching. Students will also be introduced to the discipline of longer exegesis for formal academic study. (pre-requisites, NT251 & 252, or equivalent)

Dr Ben Hudson

the christian mind


10 am

PT527: A course that considers the implications for all of life of a Christian way of thinking while introducing the principles and issues related to apologetics. A particular focus is given to the method of Van Tilian presuppositional apologetics as a reformed defence of the faith in the contemporary world.

Dr Peter Reynolds

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