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Why Study at GTC?

Five Reasons to Study

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You may already have some tertiary training, be in a career, or you may be getting ready to leave high school and begin your new career. It is great to have Christian people in all areas of life. But have you thought through what it means to be a Christian in your chosen place of work? Studying at GTC will give you the opportunity to think about your life and career from a distinctly Christian perspective, one that is Christ-centred and God honouring.


During your time of study at GTC you will come to understand yourself, God, and the world more accurately, and so be in a better position to make decisions about your future for God’s glory.  You will thus gain knowledge, experience and insight to make well-informed life decisions.


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Taking time out to study at GTC allows you to give close attention to those nagging questions we are often asked but which tend to get pushed to the back of our minds when life is busy. Why is the world so messed up? What is God doing about it? Why are there so many denominations? What is the difference between Christianity and other religions? What does the Old Testament law have to do with the Christian life today?


GTC’s driving vision is to provide practical Bible-based training so that the next generation of pastors and church leaders will be thoroughly equipped to present Christ in all their serving, leading, teaching and guiding. GTC offers this within a Kiwi reformed context.


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Theological study can broaden your perspective and be a source of great personal growth and spiritual development. Whether or not it leads to employment in Christian ministry, it will equip you to serve God and others more thoughtfully, more faithfully, and more whole-heartedly.


Three Objections to Study


I don't have time!

At GTC you have the flexibility to study full-time or part-time. Where possible we try to hold classes in the evenings to allow those working to study.

Student Voices

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