Our Story

For a long time church leaders in New Zealand had been known that we needed our own reformed and evangelistic college to train ministry leaders. Our first classes were held in the master-bedroom of the manse of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Manurewa, Auckland. We set up a board with church leaders from local like-minded Reformed, Presbyterian, and Reformed Baptist Churches with the dream of having a non-denominational, reformed and evangelical theological college based in Auckland, NZ. From that dream came a trust which established what is now Grace Theological College.

Our Commitment

We are committed to teaching solid, biblical disciplines that will equip pastors, missionaries, and all kinds of Christians for a lifetime of missional ministry, both here in NZ and around the world.

Graduates of GTC are today serving as pastors, church-planters, missionaries, university workers, doctors, farmers, lawyers, IT specialists, builders, and many other jobs. Their time at GTC has helped them to see that all of life is ministry, and the mission-field is wherever God places you.

Our Goal

Our overwhelming desire is to see God glorified throughout the earth. We believe that one way that we can help do this is through theological education. Therefore, it is our goal to see the name of God glorified in the Church, the workplace, the home, and to the ends of the earth. With this goal in mind, we seek to prepare men and women to go into various spheres of the world living for Jesus Christ with a burning zeal to see him exalted. We believe that people are transformed through the renewal of their mind, therefore we seek to train men and women to know Christ, and live for Christ in every place they find themselves. We especially desire to see men trained to be ministers of the gospel, so that a new generation of fervent men would be prepared to carry the gospel into our world.

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